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RV tours for beginners

Do you want full flexibility and freedom on your holiday - set off spontaneously and see where the road leads you? Then a mobile home tour is just right for you. You can find it at Hannes Camper compact and manoeuvrable campervans that are easy to drive, even for beginners. What else you should know, you can find out here with us.

Up close and personal with the mobile home – tips for beginners

Approach the driving style slowly

The first trip in a mobile home is exciting, because even the feeling of sitting is completely different than in a car. You sit higher, you have a good view of the road - a sublime feeling of freedom. But you should also drive very carefully and with foresight, because even a compact campervan is significantly heavier when loaded. That means longer acceleration and longer braking distances.

safety first

Before you rent the camper, you should determine the number of people traveling with you. Because only as many people (and animals) are allowed to ride as there are seats with seat belts. Children also need an age-appropriate child seat in the mobile home - dogs should be buckled up with a safety system or travel in the dog box. And as in a car, always buckle up while driving!

Well prepared thanks to the packing list

A packing list is recommended so that you don't miss anything on the motorhome tour for beginners. Here you write down everything you need - and you can simply tick off the things you have stowed away. What you should always have with you in the camper:

  • Papers and documents (driver's license, insurance card, vignette if applicable)
  • Medicines or first-aid kit (including disinfectant spray, mosquito repellent)
  • Household items (dishwashing liquid, garbage bags, soap, kitchen roll, candles, lighter etc.)
  • Meals
  • Electronics (Charger, Camera, Adapter, Cable drum, etc.)
  • Textiles, bed linen

Hannes Camper Tip: Packing list – standard inventory of our Hannes campers

We recommend that you book the mobile home as early as possible, as many campers plan their vacation months in advance. This is especially important if you want to travel during the holiday season or a RV Long Term Rental is suitable for you.

Avoid common beginner mistakes

If you are traveling with a camper for the first time, you will probably make a few mistakes. So that you don't lose the holiday fun right at the beginning, we show you which rookie mistakes you should avoid before and during the motorhome tour.

Fill up the fresh water tank completely

If you are not completely out of civilization with the camper, a 25% full fresh water tank is sufficient. Because you can easily fill it up at campsites and parking spaces on your trip. With a full fresh water reservoir you only drive around unnecessarily - and the fuel tank is empty faster.

Too long daily stages

Plan short stages for beginners on your motorhome tour, which you can easily complete even if there is a risk of traffic jams. It is best to reach your destination for the day before sunset. So you can enjoy your holiday better and end the evening comfortably under the awning. Also take into account the time you need to convert the motorhome from driving to living and sleeping mode.

forget breaks

Driving a camper or mobile home is a special challenge - and challenges your concentration in an unusual way. It is therefore all the more important to take regular breaks. This prevents fatigue and the risk of accidents. If you are traveling with children or dogs, stop often to ensure they get enough exercise. This makes the journey more relaxed for everyone. A regular change of drivers is ideal on long journeys or when driving at night.

Pitch in the sun

Even as a sun worshiper, you should choose your pitch in the shade. This is because the vehicle can quickly overheat in hot summer temperatures. Our tip if the heat in the camper gets the upper hand: Get out of the sun and ventilate well in the evening - then nothing stands in the way of a cool night.

Delay sanitation

Remember to regularly empty the collected waste water from the shower, sink and washbasin at the disposal stations - also the cassette toilet of your Hannes camper. Once the tank is full, there can be nasty surprises.

Load the campervan and mobile home correctly

Before you load your camper, you should know the curb weight and the permissible total weight of the vehicle. Then you know exactly how heavy your luggage can be – and you can sort it out if necessary.

When loading your luggage, the rule of thumb always applies: heavy items on the bottom, light items on top. Stow clothes, supplies etc. logically in the camper so you can find everything easily. You should also pack everything securely and leave nothing on open shelves during the journey. This reduces background noise when driving and prevents objects from falling off the rolling home. Use the plenty of storage compartments and, if necessary, special storage systems for mobile homes.

This is how you plan the route of your motorhome tour for beginners

The plan is in place: the next vacation should be touring with the mobile home. But the details of the route still give you headaches? Then answer four questions first:

  • In which season do you want to travel?
  • Do you want to go during the school holidays or out of season?
  • How long do you want to be on the road in total?
  • Which temperatures do you prefer at the travel destination?

After that you have already set out a rough framework for where the journey could go. It is best to then enter all the sights and places on a (digital) map that you absolutely want to experience on your motorhome tour. In this way, each fellow traveler can bring in their ideas and the route is already roughly sketched.

Always pay attention to the road conditions when it comes to the milestones. You are usually on the road longer on mountain roads than in the flatlands. That's why you shouldn't just look at the kilometers here. You should also know the most common road traffic regulations and toll laws in the destination country before you travel.

And last but not least: Check which campsites are on your preferred route. You usually only have to reserve them in the high season. The principle applies to parking spaces: whoever gets there first gets the space. So always have a plan B up your sleeve.

???? You can find more tips in our article: Plan a camper tour.

Tour tips from Hannes Camper

Be a tourist in your own country for once - or head straight out into the world? With a motorhome tour for beginners you are on the right track to discover the camping feeling for yourself. Our route suggestions show where your first tour with the camper can take you. Have fun trying!

Cruising along the German Alpine Road


Camping, hiking, cycling - the perfect combination for nature lovers. Rent your mobile home in Leipzig and starts relaxed south into the Bavarian Alps. Clear mountain lakes, the Berchtesgaden National Park and impressive panoramas await you. Whether it's a family vacation, a romantic trip for two or a group outing, with Hannes Camper you can enjoy your camping in a special way.

Motorhome tour for beginners: Bavarian Alps

Route Leipzig - Regensburg - Berchtesgaden - Reit im Winkl - Aschau im Chiemgau - Walchensee - Neuschwanstein Castle and Füssen - Scheidegg - Lindau on Lake Constance - Nuremberg - Leipzig
Route 1.600 km
driving time about 19 hours
Duration 1-2 weeks
Suitable for Families, couples, groups
Campertyp Hannes, Big Hannes
Highlight An impressive 360 ​​meters of difference in altitude await you on the German Alpine Road - with breathtaking views of the valleys of the foothills of the Alps.

Fantastic Moselle valley - with the camper in the vineyards

The Moselle valley near Koblenz is the ideal travel destination for everyone who wants to experience a Mediterranean feeling in Germany. Passing fairytale castles and lush vineyards, it goes along the Moselle. There you can make yourself comfortable in the evening on one of the numerous campsites - of course always with a fantastic view of a piece of German history. Whether alone, as a couple or in a larger group, this motorhome tour for beginners is the perfect way to get in the mood for camping. now Rent a mobile home in Paderborn!

Motorhome tour for beginners: Moselle tour

Route Paderborn - Koblenz - Thurant Castle - Eltz Castle - Reichsburg Cochem - Metternich Castle - Geierlay suspension bridge - Koblenz - Paderborn
Route 740 km
driving time about 9 hours
Duration 1 week
Suitable for Singles, couples, groups
Campertyp Hannes, Little Hannes, Hannes GT
Highlight You also get a little Tuscany feeling here: With a glass of Moselle wine in your hand, you can enjoy the view over the vineyards - right in front of the camper door.

Explore the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Baltic Sea

you want yours Rent a mobile home in Berlin and start your vacation straight away? Then we recommend one of the most beautiful campervan tours for beginners in Germany: up to the Mecklenburg Lake District, along the Baltic Sea coast and finally to the island of Rügen. You have the choice between more than 1.000 lakes and almost 30 campsites in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania alone - also ideal for holidays in the RV with dog.

Motorhome tour for beginners: Baltic Sea and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Route Berlin - Mecklenburg Lake District - Schwerin - Rostock - Warnemünde - Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park - Rügen Island - Berlin
Route 810 km
driving time about 11,5 hours
Duration 1 week
Suitable for Dog owners, singles, couples, groups, families
Campertyp Dogs Hannes, Hannes, Big Hannes, Hannes Bulli
Highlight On the Darß peninsula in the national park, you have a fantastic view of the stars on a clear night.

Off to Italy with Hannes Camper

RV Tours for Beginners - Van Aerial View

Heading south from Germany and not just traveling through one country? With a motorhome tour to Italy you can experience exactly that. Simply Rent a mobile home in Nuremberg and move to warm regions with bag and baggage. Around Lake Garda you will find particularly beautiful and well-developed campsites for couples, families and larger groups.

Motorhome tour for beginners: Italy and South Tyrol

Route Nuremberg - (Munich) - Innsbruck - Bolzano - Trento - Lake Garda - back to Nuremberg
Route 600 km (with return trip: 1200 km)
driving time approx. 8 hours (with return trip: approx. 15 hours)
Duration 2 weeks
Suitable for Families, couples, groups
Campertyp Hannes, Hannes GT, Big Hannes
Tip The best way to explore the small streets of Italian cities is on foot - and leave your camper at a campsite near the city.

With the camper in the Netherlands

Our Dutch neighbors are not considered a camper nation for nothing. It goes without saying that they are also well prepared for visitors with motorhomes in their own country. The numerous campsites offer something for every taste - from spartan to luxurious. And best of all: Even with a short motorhome tour for beginners, you can discover tulip fields, canals and beaches during your trip. Rent your mobile home in Peine and start your first trip directly in our neighboring country.

Motorhome tour for beginners: Dutch North Sea coast

Route Peine – Arnhem – The Hague – Katwijk aan Zee – Haarlem – Amsterdam – Naarderbos – Peine
Route 970 km
driving time about 11 hours
Duration 1 week
Suitable for Couples, groups, singles
Campertyp Hannes, Little Hannes, Big Hannes, Hannes Bulli
Tip The journey is the reward – that also applies to your travel speed in the Netherlands. Since March 2020, a maximum speed of 6 km/h has been permitted on expressways and motorways between 19 a.m. and 100 p.m.

Sweden attracts campers with pure nature

RV Tour for Beginners - Lakeside Stop

Extensive fjords and deep green forests - Sweden is a natural paradise for everyone who is looking for peace and freedom. Whether alone, with your partner, family or your furry friend, here you can enjoy your holiday in the green heart of Småland. Rent your mobile home in Hamburg and take the direct route over the Oresund Bridge to Malmö (alternatively also by ferry). Then it's on to the Scandinavian expanses.

Motorhome tour for beginners: southern Sweden

Route Hamburg – Malmö – Ystad – Karlskrona – Kalmar – Växjö – Kristianstad – Malmö – Hamburg
Route 1.400 km
driving time about 19 hours
Duration 2 weeks
Suitable for Dog owners, singles, couples, families
Campertyp Dogs Hannes, Hannes, Big Hannes, Hannes GT
Tip Unfortunately, the famous right of public access only applies to holidaymakers with tents when camping in Sweden, but not to motorhome travelers.

Rent or buy a mobile home - the choice is yours!

Did you get camping fever after your first motorhome tour and do you want to spend every holiday on the road from now on? Then it's probably worth not renting your Hannes anymore, but that directly to buy a mobile home. At Hannes Camper you can expect well-kept, modern campervans with a term of less than two years. Just have a look!

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