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Fulfill your dream vacation with a motorhome near you. Enjoy the beach, mountains, lakes, forests and cities just the way you want!

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up to
Dogs Hannes
140 PS
Awning as standard
AHK as standard
optimal size
Transverse beds
open room design
Radio with Bluetooth
Navigation & rear view camera
euros per day
Big Premium Hannes
165 PS & Maxi-Chassis
Diesel parking heater
AHK as standard
Awning as standard
longitudinal beds
Naviceiver & rear view camera
large rear garage
euros per day
Families Hannes
pop-up roof
4 sleeping and sitting places
big interior
ideal for long trips
großer Kühlschrank
variable room design
high self-sufficiency
euros per day
Big Dog Hannes
Lots of space for your animals
140 PS
Optimal size
6.4 meter length
AHK as standard
powerful heater
large rear garage
longitudinal beds
Cruise Control
euros per day
The perfect size
140 PS
Awning as standard
AHK as standard
optimal size
Transverse beds
open room design
cheap price
Radio with Bluetooth
euros per day
Premium Hannes
For design & technology lovers
165 PS & Maxi-Chassis
Diesel parking heater
AHK as standard
Awning as standard
Transverse beds
Navigation & rear view camera
perfect travel size
euros per day

Rent a motorhome nearby without any hassle

Ready to leave icon

Ready to leave

full fuel tank
at the handover

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Travel carefree

>250 km per day included
Kilometer +0,20/KM

Well taken care of icon

Well supplied

Gas bottle (5kg/11kg depending on model)

Just in case icon

For many applications

Fully comprehensive and partial comprehensive protection

Hannes Camper: View of the sea

That's why it's worth renting a motorhome from us

The friendly landlord is particularly good for anyone who wants to test out a van or - thanks to the fair seasonal prices - for anyone who doesn't want to pay extortionate prices even in summer.

Experiences & test report 2024 from

Hannes Camper offers an enormous amount of equipment, high-quality construction and very easy operation.

Hannes Camper: Driving report from Autobild

Fresh design, high-quality furniture and standard equipment that leaves little to be desired.

Big Hannes in the 2023 test from

The right motorhome for you

Our vehicles are suitable for both beginners and professionals in the field of panel vans. You need a class B driving license and at least 3 years of driving experience.

The sooner you book, the higher the chance of finding a suitable motorhome. So if you want to rent a motorhome nearby and don't know which model suits you best, ask yourself the following questions:

How much space do we need (number of adults, children, dogs)?

What equipment is important to us (bed, kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, etc.)?

Which route do we want to drive (cities, mountain passes, flat land, off-road, etc.)?

What license class do the drivers have and how old are they?


drivable with a simple driver's license
9am to 19pm, select when booking
Campers can be delivered and picked up
Thorough instruction and test drive on site
250 km per day included
full fuel tank upon delivery
Gas bottle (5kg/11kg depending on model) included
Fully comprehensive insurance
1500 € SB partial comprehensive insurance
with 150 € self-service included
Collage of several camper pictures
Hannes Camper in front of the Glacier Restaurant Belvedere

Rented a motorhome? Here is the packing list

Regardless of whether you just want to set off or plan everything carefully: a packing list is always recommended. Here we have a compact overview of the most important travel companions for you:

  • Documents such as driver's license, insurance documents, campsite reservations, vignette
  • First-aid kit with important medicines and bandages
  • Household items – from washing-up liquid to lighters
  • Electronics such as camera, charger and cable reel
  • Basic supply of food and drinks
  • clothing and bedding

Do you want to rent a motorhome for the first time?

We have a few tips and hints for your first tours. You will also find tour tips that are ideal as first routes.

These include, for example:

  • Tour through the picturesque Alps
  • Trip to the Moselle valley and its vineyards
  • Explore the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Baltic Sea
  • Trips of discovery to Italy or the Netherlands

Check out our site now Tour tips for beginners!

Camper parked in the mountains


What driving license do we need to rent a motorhome?

A Class B driving license (held for at least 3 years) is sufficient for our motorhomes. So nothing stands in the way of your unforgettable trip in the campervan. You have the freedom to drive to the most beautiful places you want to see.

From what age can we rent a motorhome?

You can rent our campers from the age of 21. You should have had your driving license for at least 3 years.

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome for a week?

Our campers are available from €90 per day. A week starts at €630. With our top-equipped motorhomes, you can travel independently. The only additional costs are parking fees, fuel and food.

Can we take our bicycles or e-bikes in the motorhome?

Yes. Our comfortable campers come with a trailer hitch and bike rack as standard. Our spacious vehicles generally have plenty of storage space. Depending on how many people you are, you should choose a small or large camper.

What are the costs? Is there a deposit required when booking?

The running costs during your dream vacation can vary. It depends on factors such as fuel consumption, camping and pitch fees, food and any special costs abroad. Yes, we take a deposit of €1.500. However, this amount is only reserved on your credit card, there is no debit.

Would you like to plan your entire motorhome road trip now?

With our campers you can drive to the places of your choice and experience maximum freedom! Of course, nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous trip. Here you can see what is important when planning your Want to plan a motorhome tour.

Which motorhome is right for us?

Depending on how many people you are, you should choose a smaller or larger model. If you are travelling with a dog, we have special campers for you. Each vehicle has a practical trailer hitch for a bike rack.

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