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The question of the best place to stay

Before you travel, you often ask us where and how you can best stay overnight with the camper. The question is sometimes not so easy to answer, because tastes are known to be different. Some prefer to spend the night with their camper in nature, while others prefer a campsite with a lot of infrastructure.

Practical search for a parking space for a relaxed holiday

Pitches can sometimes combine exactly both.
That is why we are particularly pleased about our cooperation with Park'n Sleep. The Swiss startup offers you a convenient parking app that promotes spontaneous travel as well as an option for an overnight stay on longer journeys.
Particularly charming and practical: The app shows you available parking spaces with live availability. You can use these pitches at any time and without prior reservation approach and pay digitally on site. This is exactly what saves a lot of time on the go! After all, who would want to drive to one parking space after the other in the evening only to find that there is no space left?
The app also shows you photos, descriptions, prices and rules of conduct. Behind every pitch is a responsible host, such as communities, private individuals, farmers, restaurateurs or entire campsites.

Park'n Sleep offers you a flexible, comfortable and safe way to find legal parking spaces to stay overnight. And that in 23 European countries!

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