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Packing List

We ourselves have been infected by the mobile home virus for a long time. And therefore know exactly what you need on board your Hannes in any case.


When the vehicle is handed over, you will find all the equipment you need to start your adventure right away.

  • a filled gas bottle
  • an extension cable with a length of approx. 15m and the appropriate CEE adapters
  • A short water hose with common tap adapters
  • Ramps to compensate for unevenness
  • A hand brush and a dustpan
  • Sanitary liquid for the toilet (as a tab)

Of course, a bed sheet that fits the bed is on board.
And we have put a lot of effort into equipping the kitchen practically and completely. You can view the entire inventory list of your Hannes here.

May it be something more?

Do you have any other wishes to make your trip perfect? Or are you traveling abroad and need special equipment?
Then take a look at our add-ons and simply book them.

Do you have any special requests? Or special needs that we cannot satisfy from our offer? Then please contact us. We will find a solution. And we love to learn from you. Just click on contact.

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