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Hannes Camper Exchange

The direct & fast way to your own Hannes camper

Every year in summer the time has come: In our Hannes Camper vehicle exchange you can see which well-kept and lovingly maintained Hannes Campers will leave our fleet in autumn and - longingly awaited - come into your hands.

We hope you enjoy browsing and look forward to hearing from you.

At the moment we are feeding our database with the young Hannes campers, which we will offer you again on this page from May 2024.

Find your dream Hannes!

This is how the purchase of a young, used Hannes Camper works:

  • You look in our vehicle exchange and choose a suitable Hannes Camper
  • You contact us and arrange an individual viewing appointment for one or more campers
  • You order your vehicle on the agreed handover date and make a down payment of EUR 5.000.
  • You come to us about 3 days before the agreed pick-up date, have a final look at your Hannes, take the number plate and vehicle documents with you to the re-registration.
  • Up to 24 hours before pick-up, you pay the remaining purchase price and then come to the ceremonial handover and instruction on the agreed handover date

Your advantages with a young, used camper from Hannes Camper:

  • Top maintained and cared for - all campers are lovingly hand washed and meticulously maintained
  • Preparation included - before handing it over to you, the camper will be professionally prepared, serviced and handed over in almost new condition
  • Full diesel tank included - so that you can start your first trip right away, your Hannes is already filled to the brim when you hand it over
  • On request with accessories - In order to be able to start right away, you are welcome to order gas bottles, camping furniture and desired accessories
  • Instruction & Service - Even after the purchase, we are happy to be there for you. After a loving briefing, we are still at your disposal
  • Guarantee - Your young camper has a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee from the date of first registration and we are also there for you within the scope of the guarantee
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