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Do you have questions about Hannes Camper?
We've tried to answer most of them!

A holiday with Hannes is exciting, especially the first time! A new destination, a new mobile home and lots of questions before booking.

We have therefore already collected and answered the most frequently asked questions for you. If you have any further questions, please write to us at any time using our contact form.

Camping general

How and where do we get gas on the way?

When the vehicle is handed over, you will receive an 11 kg gas bottle that is sufficiently filled for your holiday. If, contrary to expectations, you run out of gas, you have the option of having the gas bottles refilled at many petrol stations and most campsites. Of course you can also book a second gas bottle with us as an add-on.
Please note that there are different connections and different gas bottles abroad and that you need an adapter to fill a German gas bottle, for example. However, we always have enough filled gas bottles in stock so that you can travel well-equipped.

How and where do we get fresh water on the way?

You can get fresh water to fill up at many gas stations, campsites and parking spaces with supply and disposal stations.
In most cases, only a small fee is required for filling up the fresh water tank. In the Hannes you will find the appropriate adapters for different water connections.

How is the power supply regulated?

When driving, for example, the refrigerator, the freezer compartment and the lighting are operated via the 12 volt function. In the parking situation, the 12 volt function of the auxiliary battery also ensures the operation of the devices. When parking for a longer period of time, it is best to connect Hannes to the power grid. For this we have equipped Hannes with a 15 m cable.

How and where do we best empty the on-board toilet?

Hannes' on-board toilet has a capacity of approx. 17 litres. Before using the toilet, please always put some of the sanitary additive in the toilet and rinse a little. Only then can everything be decomposed before emptying the toilet. When the toilet is full, you can empty it at supply and disposal stations. Emptying is usually marked with "Empty chemical toilet". After emptying, please do not forget to rinse with water and shake the cassette well. After emptying, please add the sanitary additive again. But don't panic, we'll explain everything to you personally at the handover!

Hannes Camper

What driving license do we need for a Hannes Camper?

You only need a normal driver's license, since a Hannes Camper has a total weight of only 3,5 tons. Therefore, the "new driver's license" class B is sufficient - a special truck driver's license is not required. Due to the low weight, you also have further advantages with the toll and the ferries.

Traveling with three or more people?

Basically, all Hannes campers are equipped for at least two people, so that you will find at least 4 seats and 2 beds in all Hannes campers.

With two additional sleeping places in the pop-up roof, our family Hannes offers space for the whole family with up to 4 people.

For children up to 8 years of age we offer the so-called Campsleep bed as an option: Simply select the add-on “Campsleep bed” when making your booking. This bed is placed in the front of the driver and passenger seat and adapts perfectly to the cockpit. This creates a small cozy bed (approx. 160 cm x 60 cm) which does not restrict the living space. From our point of view the perfect solution for a couple with a smaller child.

Are dogs allowed on board Hannes Camper?

Due to the size of the fleet, we are able to offer dog owners a "Hunde-Hannes". So if you want to travel with your dog or another pet, the "Hunde Hannes" or the "Große Hunde Hannes" is the right camper for you. It is best to pack a blanket to protect the interior of your housetrained four-legged friend for the journey.

Unfortunately, dogs and pets are not allowed in any of the other vehicles in our fleet, so that allergy sufferers can also travel with the campers without restrictions.

Can we give away a voucher from Hannes Camper?

Of course! We are happy to send you our beautiful vouchers by post. You will receive a Hannes Camper gym bag as a free gift. You can use our vouchers here easy to order.

Is our Hannes full of fuel?

Yes, down to the last drop! And you have to give it back as well. Otherwise the camper will be refueled by us and the sum plus an administration fee of €30,00 will be charged.

Are the gas and water tanks full?

We will fill the fresh water tank with you at the start of the journey with fresh drinking water. You will also receive your Hannes with an 11kg gas bottle (Premium Hannes: 5 kg gas bottle). For trips to Scandinavia or Great Britain, we recommend booking a second gas bottle. But don't panic, you can easily swap gas bottles everywhere (except for the UK and Scandinavia).

How many people can we carry and can child seats be fitted?

Our Hannes campers are approved for four people. All seats have 3-point belts and headrests. There is an Isofix mount on the back seat. You can easily add a child seat with a 3-point mount to your booking as an add-on.

Is there a personal instruction and test drive?

Yes, you should plan about an hour for this if you have not already been on the road with a camper. There are many functions and you should feel completely safe and well prepared for your trip.

Can the Hannes Camper be delivered to our home and picked up again?

Of course, we can arrange a delivery or collection of the Hannes Camper for you, for an extra charge. If you wish to do so, please contact us by e-mail to

booking and delivery

What age and what driving license do we need to have to travel with Hannes Camper?

You must be at least 21 years old and have held a category B driver's license for at least three years.

When and where can or must our Hannes be picked up and returned?

In principle, pickup and return is possible between 9.00 a.m. and 19.00 p.m. Monday to Sunday. You can easily select the exact time when booking online.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

Yes, the deposit is €1.500. This will be reserved on site on your credit card. The amount is only "blocked" on your credit card. So there is no debit. Please note that unfortunately we do not accept American Express credit cards.

What are the costs of an accident?

There is maximum comprehensive coverage as a self-drive rental vehicle. Costs only arise if the accident was your fault.

Feel free to choose the one that best suits your security needs between our two insurance packages!

How many kilometers are included in our trip?

250 km per day are included. Each kilometer that goes beyond these inclusive kilometers will be charged at €0,20 and will be billed to you after your trip. We can of course discuss fixed prices for a very long tour (over 3 months travel time) together and individually.

Of course you can also book our worry-free package and then all kilometers are always included!


What additional costs will we have to pay?

Basically none - Hannes Camper stands for a simple price model.

In addition to the booking price per day, there is only a one-off service fee of €99 (€149 for Hannes the dog and Hannes the big dog).

We will hand over your Hannes to you completely clean and equipped as described in the respective vehicle category. There are no additional costs for cleaning the outside and inside when you return the vehicle. You must return your Hannes clean-swept. However, we have to charge you for heavy soiling or damage (e.g. upholstery) at cost and invoice you after your trip or treat it as insurance damage.

What payment options are there?

You can easily book your trip online on our website. After your booking you will receive a booking confirmation from us, which results in two payment dates. You then transfer 30% of the invoice amount to us no later than 10 days after your booking. The balance is then due no later than 14 days before the start of the trip. This amount is also best sent to us by bank transfer.

How much is the down payment?

The deposit is 30% of the total amount and must be paid within 10 days of booking. The remaining amount must reach us by bank transfer at least 14 days before the start of the trip. In the case of short-term bookings with the start of the journey in the next 8 weeks, the total amount is due immediately.

Can we cancel our trip?

Yes of course. Flexibility is always important, especially in the current times.

We have our cancellation conditions for you here explained in detail.

Tips and tricks

What is the difference between a campsite & a pitch?

A campsite offers more infrastructure than a parking space, such as sanitary facilities, water supply and disposal, possibly gastronomy and mostly beautifully laid out and subdivided parking spaces. Pitches, on the other hand, are usually somewhat more spartan. Most of the time you will find supply and disposal stations and sometimes also sanitary facilities. The comfort is usually higher on a campsite, but so is the price. Pitches are highly recommended for short stops, as well as for city trips. Luckily, parking spaces operated by municipalities are free of charge and in good condition.

How and where can we stay overnight in Germany outside of parking spaces and campsites?

Staying overnight in the vehicle goes beyond mere parking and is therefore subject to different rules. To restore driving ability, it is permitted to spend one night in the vehicle. A period of around ten hours is assumed. Caution: parking is not the same as camping. So please refrain from setting up camping furniture or extending the awning.

Is it advisable to use campsites?

The feeling of freedom is what makes traveling with a camper van so special. Some of our guests therefore feel somewhat restricted on campsites. Other guests love the comfort of campsites - especially when children are on board.

Since the shower facility in the Hannes Camper is available, but is more of an emergency solution, many of our guests combine their accommodation options and make a stop at a campsite every second or third day and use the infrastructure.

Are there high costs for tolls and ferries?

Tolls in Europe are often the same as car tolls – however, some toll barriers measure the height of the bonnet and then a slightly higher rate applies. With our campers from the categories "Little Hannes", "Hannes", "Hunde Hannes", "Families Hannes" and "Premium Hannes" you have a good chance of keeping the costs for the use of ferries as low as possible, as these campers are a length of less than 6 m. However, it is best to find out before you travel from the respective ferry companies and their conditions of carriage.

Our Hannes has many advantages in Austria and Switzerland, since the procedure there for vehicles over 3,5 tons is very complex. The normal car vignette is sufficient in both countries.

Your question was not included?

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