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The Hannes Camper lexicon

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Here you can find out a little background about each term for camping so that you can be optimally prepared.

Camping terms from A to Z


absorption refrigerator: Works through a chemical reaction between ammonia, hydrogen and water that is powered by heat. These refrigerators are quiet and can be flexibly powered by propane, 12V or 240V, ideal for places without electricity.

Trailer hitch: A mechanical device that allows e-bikes to be transported with a suitable clutch carrier.

Charging: The official increase in the permissible gross vehicle weight of a vehicle by the manufacturer or an approved workshop. This may be necessary to legally increase the payload capacity.

Compensation wedges: Wedge-shaped blocks that slide under the RV wheels to level the vehicle on uneven surfaces.

pop-up roof: A roof that can be folded up if necessary to create an additional sleeping area or to create more headroom and space inside the vehicle. Included in Families Hannes

self-sufficient: The ability of an RV to operate without external power or water connections. This is made possible through the use of solar panels, batteries and water tanks.


basic vehicle: The vehicle on whose chassis the residential structure of a mobile home is mounted. The base vehicle determines essential characteristics such as size, engine power and driving characteristics.

Control panel: Used to read all important charge and fill levels. In modern motorhomes, all of the motorhome's electrical system can often be operated on the control panel.

On-board battery: One or more batteries in a motorhome that provide energy for the on-board electronics independently of the vehicle's starter battery.


CADAC Grill: A versatile, portable grill known for its efficiency and adaptability. Popular with campers for easily preparing a variety of foods.

Camping dishes: Tableware designed specifically for the needs of campers. It is often lightweight, sturdy and stackable to make the most of limited space.

CEE plug: A Europe-wide standardized electrical plug for the safe connection of motorhomes and caravans to the power grid on campsites.

chemical toilet: A portable toilet that uses chemical additives to disinfect waste and neutralize odors. Important for campsites without sanitary facilities.

CI-BUS: A bus system for communication between electronic devices in RVs, allowing central control and monitoring.

Combi heating: A heating system used for both interior heating and hot water provision in RVs. It works efficiently with gas or electricity.


Dinette: An area in RVs that serves as a dining area. Optimizes space through multifunctional use.

Double bottom: A method of construction that creates additional insulated and heated storage space under the main floor of the RV. Provides additional protection against cold and allows installations to be accommodated.

Drehkonsole: Allows the front seats to be rotated in RV living space, contributing to more efficient use of space.

To dump: The process of emptying wastewater tanks in designated areas at campsites or dump stations.

DuoControl: A gas supply security system that allows switching between two gas cylinders without interrupting the supply. It increases safety and comfort when using gas appliances.


EBL (Electro block): A central electronic control unit used in many RVs to monitor and regulate the electrical system. It serves as an interface between the power supply, the batteries and the consumers.

Eco-Camping: Refers to sustainable camping practices that minimize environmental impact, such as using solar energy, reducing waste, and choosing environmentally friendly products.

Electric step: An extendable step that makes it easier to get into the motorhome.

Euro-Chassis: A chassis type used in many European motorhomes and is known for its robustness and adaptability to different structures.


bellow: Often used in pop-up roofs or as a flexible connection between fixed vehicle parts. Protects against the elements and allows freedom of movement.

bike rack: Device for attaching and transporting bicycles to the outside of a vehicle, allowing bicycles to be taken safely to various destinations.

travel: The maximum distance a spring can be compressed under load. Longer travel provides benefits in absorbing bumps in the road.

Frost Control: An automatic safety feature in RV water systems that drains the system when frost threatens to prevent damage.

level indicator: An instrument that shows the level of liquids, such as fresh water, waste water or fuel, in the corresponding tanks of a motorhome. Essential for monitoring supply and disposal.


Gas filter: Protects gas appliances from contaminants in the gas that can clog the burners. Important for the maintenance and longevity of gas systems.

gas bottle box: Specially designed storage space that ensures safe storage of gas cylinders. It must be ventilated to safely dissipate any gas that may escape.

gel battery: Offers advantages over traditional batteries such as a deeper depth of discharge and a longer service life. Ideal for use in motorhomes where a reliable power supply is essential.

generator: Allows independent power generation, particularly important for self-sufficient camping away from campsites. Modern generators are often quiet and low-emission.

GPS tracker: A security feature that allows the RV to be located in the event of theft. Can also be used to document travel routes.

Graywater: It is referred to as dirty water (wastewater, for example, created after showering or brushing your teeth). Is collected and disposed of separately from black water. Environmentally friendly disposal is important to protect nature.


rear garage: Provides space for carrying bulky items such as camping furniture, outdoor equipment or tools. A practical extension of storage space that leaves the living area uncluttered.

Heki: Is a short form of lifting and tilting roof. A skylight that brings lots of light inside and can provide ventilation. Different sizes and designs significantly increase living comfort.


Integrated motorhome: Offers a particularly homogeneous design and often better aerodynamics thanks to the seamless transition from driving to living area. Stands for high construction quality and comfort.


Jesolo International Club Camping: An example of a quality campsite that offers a variety of amenities and activities. Such places increase the attractiveness of camping through comfort and entertainment options.


van: Popular because of its compactness and flexibility. Offers a good balance between living comfort and drivability.

Control board: The “brain” of the RV, which provides information about the status of all important systems. Simplifies the monitoring and control of on-board technology.


charging booster: An intelligent charger that ensures optimal charging of the on-board battery while driving. It maximizes the life of the battery and secures the energy supply.

longitudinal beds: Offer the advantage of being easily accessible and often leaving more space in the sleeping area.

LED lighting: Energy saving and durable, improves the energy efficiency of the RV. Provides a pleasant light and contributes to the cozy atmosphere.

LED daytime running lights: Energy efficient lighting device that improves vehicle visibility during the day.

Hannes Camper


awning: Expands usable outdoor space and protects from sun and rain. An awning significantly increases living comfort by creating an additional, protected area.


wet: Compact solution that combines shower and toilet in one room. Saves space while still providing comfort and privacy.

Naviceivers: Combines a navigation system with a multimedia receiver, offering GPS support and entertainment options such as radio, music and video playback.


Open room layout: Special feel-good concept in the brand's vehicles, which we designed ourselves and

Optimal accessories: Make your camping holiday really complete. Campsleep cot, additional gas bottle for even more independence or the optional bike rack. Feel free to take a look at ours Inventory or simply ask us about the possibilities.


plot: Offers a private space at the campsite. The size and amenities of the pitch can vary greatly and influence the camping experience.

piezo igniter: A convenient and safe way to ignite gas appliances. Avoids handling open flames and increases safety when cooking.


transverse bed: A space-saving sleeping option that can be found in the rear. Effectively optimizes space utilization.


frame window: Fixed windows with a surrounding frame that provide better insulation and contribute to the aesthetic enhancement of the vehicle. Included in all Hannes campers.

Recreational Vehicle (RV): The general term for all types of mobile accommodation.

Backup camera: Camera at the rear of the vehicle that provides better visibility when reversing or parking, increasing safety. Included in all Hannes Camper vehicles.


blackwater: The contents of the toilet are referred to as black water. It must be disposed of hygienically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Service flap: Facilitates access to important areas of the RV, such as the water supply or electrical system, and simplifies maintenance work.

Pitch: The starting point for camping adventures. The facilities and location of the pitch contribute significantly to the camping experience.


Truma Combi 4: A heating system that provides RVs with year-round comfort. The combination of heater and water heater saves space and weight.


wheel chocks: A simple but essential tool to stabilize the RV on uneven surfaces and park it safely.


FROM: It is referred to as a mobile home that is somewhat more compact. As a rule, vans are a little narrower.

Power supply: Filling up the fresh water tank. Supply and disposal stations and many campsites offer supplies.

Fully integrated motorhome: Thanks to the seamless integration of the living area and vehicle, there is more space for comfort and flexible equipment in these vehicles. These advantages come at the price of lower mobility and suitability for everyday use compared to vans.


Warning sign: An important safety element that is attached to the vehicle in the event of overloading or excess length. Ensures visibility and informs other road users.

Hot water boiler: Ensures comfort in the RV by providing hot water for the kitchen and bathroom at all times.

Hot water outdoor shower: Shower on the outside of the vehicle that is supplied with warm water, ideal for outdoor showers or for rinsing off beach and camping gear. Included in all Hannes Camper vehicles.

water pump: A central component of the water supply in the motorhome. It ensures water pressure and supply to all consumers.

Inverters for Home: An essential device for independence on the go. It enables the use of 230V devices even without a power connection.


XPS insulation: Provides excellent thermal properties and contributes to energy efficiency. Good insulation is essential for comfort and heat management in all climates.


Load reserve: Indicates how much additional weight can be transported without exceeding the permissible total mass. An important factor for security and legality.

Permissible total mass: The maximum weight that a vehicle, including payload and passengers, may not exceed. A crucial factor for vehicle safety.


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