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Rent a motorhome/camper: with the camper in the mountains
Rent a motorhome/camper: Camper in the rapeseed field
Renting a motorhome/camper with a dog: a holiday together
Rent a motorhome/camper: drive along the coast next to a kite surfer
View over the shoulder of a woman from the camper into the mountains with two blue style elements


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Looking over the shoulder of a woman from the camper at the mountains


Online booking

Rent a camper
at Hannes Camper

Rent. Sea. Freedom.

Back to nature or travel comfortably from sight to sight - with Hannes Camper you rent the freedom to arrange your holiday individually. Discover new places flexibly and experience the country and its people up close. Plan your own route and linger in cities or in the midst of picturesque natural landscapes to your heart's content. With our Hannes you can turn your trip into a very personal adventure. Start now at one of our locations and spend an unforgettable time "on the road"!

Rent a motorhome: camper on the beach in the sunset
big blue style elements
blue style elements

road tripping. Always a good idea!

Rent a camper for young and old

Do you want to explore the world at your own pace and use your time together as intensively as possible? Then go on a special kind of road trip: plan a route, rent a camper and get started with Hannes Camper. Every guest is particularly welcome here – whether young or young at heart, singles, couples or families. Even your four-legged furry friends won't miss out on a camping holiday with our vehicles - keyword: rent a camper with a dog. We will help you choose the right camper model and give you thorough instructions on how everything works. So what are you waiting for?


drivable with a simple driver's license
9am to 19pm, select when booking
Campers can be delivered and picked up
Thorough instruction and test drive on site
250 km per day included
full fuel tank upon delivery
Gas bottle (5kg/11kg depending on model) included
Fully comprehensive insurance
1500 € SB partial comprehensive insurance
with 150 € self-service included

The basis for your trip: good organization

Rent a camper: Prepared for everything with Hannes

There can also be a bit of luxury when camping. Because not everyone wants to spend their time out from everyday life just with a tent and gas cooker in the great outdoors. That's why you get a complete service package from Hannes Camper when you rent your camper: From customer-friendly pick-up times to a basic supply of fresh water and gas to risk-free comprehensive insurance, you can be sure of a carefree trip. Do you have any special requests or should we deliver the camper to your front door? Then feel free to ask us! We can make many things possible and are happy to support you with insider tips for your trip.

Freedom, flexibility and time just for you! With Hannes Camper you will experience a very special road trip.

Roadtripping – die Highlights

Explore the world independently and freely

Would you like to enjoy the ultimate freedom when travelling? Then start your road trip with Hannes Camper now. Individual trips are in vogue: Away from large hotel complexes and tourist crowds, you can find your personal favorite route - and stay exactly where you like it. With a mobile home, you rent your own home on wheels that can take you anywhere you want. Whether across Germany, up to Scandinavia or far south to Italy or Spain. You have the choice: Europe is certainly one of the most varied continents and culturally very diverse.
You no longer need to worry about booking accommodation in the future. Because with Hannes Camper you are comfortable on the road and can stay overnight in most countries where you like it. Bed, bathroom and kitchen always go with you. This is not only cheaper, but also more convenient. Just pack and you're good to go.
And if the weather doesn't cooperate? Then you snuggle up comfortably in the camper and enjoy the view.

time together

Experience the happiness of camping up close

Whether it's your first holiday together as a couple, a honeymoon or an annual holiday - with a camping trip you will find your way back to the roots of nature. What could be more romantic than exploring the land of your dreams together? You are independent, flexible and comfortable when you rent your mobile home from Hannes Camper.

Collage of several camper pictures
Hannes Camper in front of the Glacier Restaurant Belvedere

Ideas for your itinerary

Plan concretely or just let it drift?

The idea is there: rent a camper and go out into the world. But even the most spontaneous camping trip needs a little preparation. Create a rough plan of where the tour should go and how long you want to be on the road. Then you can better estimate what you need to pack and at which campsite it makes sense to make a reservation.

Are you planning a short trip or are you interested in long-term motorhome rental? With Hannes Camper you have the freedom to choose. Discover our beautiful German landscapes or jet across the Alps to Italy. Head southwest past French mountains and palm trees, or further east to the Croatian pearl on the Adriatic. Alternatively, you can also take a road trip through the far north: on the King's Road from Bergen to Saint Petersburg.

Camper parked in the mountains

Buy a mobile home or rent a camper - at Hannes Camper

Time for your own camper?

Whether you are a camping fan for many years or a newcomer with a tent and gas cooker - at Hannes Camper we get everyone in the mood for their holiday in nature. Our compact vans are modern motorhomes that are equipped with everything you need for your trip.

Are you ready for your own vehicle that will take you to the places of your dreams? Then you can also buy a camper from us. With a well-groomed Hannes from our range, your next road trips will be a unique experience.

If you have any questions or requests about our vehicles, we are happy to answer them by phone or e-mail here for you.

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